Who’s Winning – 3: The Illegality of Criticizing Islam in Germany

In my novel Intrepid Spirit, and based on research for the book, my villain, Colonel Farzad, brags about European laws against anything that can be labeled Islamophobia.  He does in connection with his claim, “We are already winning.”

Anyone who hasn’t been reading news from that part of the world might think Farzad’s words are “misinformation,” but Michael Stürzenberger knows better, as an article from The Gateway Pundit reveals.

“Michael Stürzenberger became an Islam critic after the 2008 Mumbai Massacre, when his colleague and TV producer Ralph Burkei was killed after jumping from a hotel window in the Taj Mahal Hotel, along with 165 other victims. Stürzenberger has since evolved into the most prominent critic of what he calls “political Islam” in Germany, on a par with Tommy Robinson in [the] UK,…”

“Along with former Al-Qaida member turned Islam critic Irfan Peci, Stürzenberger has been holding soapbox-style rallies in German cities to inform about the dangers of radical Islam, in which he bravely engages in public debate with all comers, and is routinely insulted, threatened and even attacked by Muslims trying to prove they represent ‘the Religion of Peace’.”

The story includes a point made in Intrepid Spirit regarding radical Islam’s goal of infiltrating Western societies, a fact more easily discovered by Americans, even those who only occasionally read a decent news site.

“Stürzenberger’s speeches are exceedingly well-researched and rely on authentic quotes from the Koran. He always makes very clear he is not attacking ‘all Muslims,’ but merely criticizing ‘political Islam,’ which seeks to infiltrate and usurp Western societies.”

No stranger to run ins with German courts on this issue, one of which recently sentenced him for “triggering negative emotions,” by criticizing Islamic terror, Sturzenberger now faces a new 6-month sentence by a different German court, and to a prison with a high % of Islamic prisoners, for “inciting hatred.”  Sounds like a death sentence for Sturzenberger.

Read the full article by Richard Abelson, “Germany:  Six Months Hard Time for Criticizing Radical Islam,” on the Thegatewaypundit.com, September 8, 2022.

Intrepid Spirit

Past and present cross swords in Intrepid Spirit when Moses Redding, unjustly punished for an act of heroism, is banished to command of USS Constitution, “Old Ironsides,” on a Mediterranean goodwill tour.  It’s purgatory for a man of action, but it sets him on a course to redemption and romance as he and the crew must foil a terrorist plot to light the fuse on a world-wide jihad.  With nothing but their mysterious floating museum and her antique weaponry, the crew must rescue the Vice President from the descendants of the ship’s historic foes, the Barbary Coast corsairs.