Who’s Winning – 2: Global Jihad Over There and Over Here.

The above title is borrowed a Frontpagemag.com article by Andrew Harrod that describes the “over there” as the middle east and “over here” as, in this case, France.

“It is hard not to see the pattern of the gangrene of Islamist thought spreading from the violence I witnessed in Syria to towns and cities in my own country,” writes French international aid worker Alexandre Goodarzy in a new book. In a Sophia Institute Press translation of his French memoirs, Kidnapped in Iraq: A Christian Humanitarian Tells His Story, he examines the dangerous interrelationship between jihadist violence abroad and in Western countries such as France.”

The spread of violence to France, according to Goodarzy, left “him dumbfounded at France’s tepid responses. After the Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the November 13-14, 2015, Paris[‘] night of terror during which jihadists slaughtered 130 in the City of Light,…

Only eight months later in an attack claimed by IS [sic], another jihadist killed 86 people by running them over with a truck on a seaside promenade in Nice, France, on July 14, 2016, France’s Bastille national day. Goodarzy laments that “our uninspired and uninspiring Prime Minister Manuel Valls advised us all to ‘get used to living with terrorism.’”

Goodarzy concludes, “In France, we had been attacked multiple times in a year by these same murderers, with hundreds killed, but we had no stomach for the battle that should have been fought against them in defense of our homeland,…”

And that, the French “…no longer believed in anything, especially not in ourselves. There was not a day without repentance: public and widespread apologies for being who and what we were, and for the so-called crimes of the generations of our people who had come before us.”

Sound familiar?

Read the full article by Andrew Harrod, “Global Jihad, Over There and Over Here,” on Frontpagemag.com, July 13, 2022.

Intrepid Spirit

Past and present cross swords in Intrepid Spirit when Moses Redding, unjustly punished for an act of heroism, is banished to command of USS Constitution, “Old Ironsides,” on a Mediterranean goodwill tour.  It’s purgatory for a man of action, but it sets him on a course to redemption and romance as he and the crew must foil a terrorist plot to light the fuse on a world-wide jihad.  With nothing but their mysterious floating museum and her antique weaponry, the crew must rescue the Vice President from the descendants of the ship’s historic foes, the Barbary Coast corsairs.